Welcome to OPuS – Open Access Publishing Support.
Welcome to OPuS – Open Access Publishing Support.
We are a non-profit foundation dedicated to open-access publishing. By means of our programs and projects, we aim to promote and encourage the Open Access publication model for academic and applied research results.
OPuS cooperates with university libraries, research funders, universities and universities of applied sciences, scientists and scientific publishers in order to prevent a further rise of academic publishing costs during the transition towards the Gold and Diamond Open Access model, while simultaneously maintaining quality control by means of peer review.
OPuS provides incubator facilities for new Open Access initiatives. These facilities range from advice and support to executing publishing innovation projects and finding adequate funding. The strength of OPuS lies in its tight network of renowned experts with a shared vision.

The most influential projects with a great impact leading to new publishing paths are:

Gold Open Access: LingOA
A coordinated effort on behalf of the editors of four major journals in linguistics with different publishers has led to a universal free access publishing of their journals at extremely low costs for the authors. A group of leading international linguists left their commercial publishers and transferred their journals to a not commercial open access platform.
The OPuS foundation started and launched the LingOA initiative and designed the new publication model underlaying LingOA.

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For results and follow-up see https://www.lingoa.eu/

Diamond Open Access: Open Journals
The Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW) Humanities Cluster on July 1st 2020 will start building an Open Access publishing platform openjournals.nl. The platform will provide a solution for independent Dutch scientific journals to become fully Open Access. A three-year project grant from Dutch Research Council (NWO) makes the realization of Open Journals possible. The platform is expected to go live by the end of 2020.
Together with its partners, OPuS designed the model for this platform and conducted research into various options and examples for the technical infrastructure, governance, design and management. It also researched similar examples in Finland and Denmark. This forms a solid and proven basis for openjournals.nl

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For results and follow-up see: openjournals.nl

Green Open Access: Taverne amendment
OPuS started a number of pilots in order to test the possibilities and support for implementation of the Dutch Taverne Amendment to copyright law. Additionally, legal advice on the interpretation of the Taverne amendment was formulated. This initial work resulted in a national project ‘You share, we take care’ that started in 2019.

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For results and follow-up see: