A coordinated effort on behalf of the editors of 4 major journals in linguistics with different publishers has led to a universal free access publishing of their journals at extremely low costs for the authors. A group of leading international linguists decided to make accessibility to academic research results less dependent on expensive commercial publishers. They left their commercial publishers and transferred their journals to a not commercial open access platform. In this Dutch initiative, the authors retain copyright to their articles, editorial boards own the titles of their journals, and the publication platform charges considerably less for its services than commercial for-profit publishers do. In addition, the publication costs are transparent and linked to the actual services rendered.

This initiative is supported by the highest scientific institutions in the Netherlands, including the VSNU (the organization for Dutch universities), the Royal Library in The Hague, NWO (the Dutch organization for scientific research), and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

The OPuS foundation started and launched the LingOA initiative and designed the new publication model underlaying LingOA.

For LingOA current status see

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