OPuS welcomes other national and international partners to join their initiative, e.g.

University Libraries
Open Access publishing is transforming the traditional role of university libraries. Until recently, libraries received published materials and made these available to their users. Now, the libraries also help their researchers with finding suitable Open Access publishing channels. For such publications, libraries need to uphold a high academic standard, whilst keeping costs down.
University libraries also support scientists with copyright negotiations, for example by providing them with background information. This is addressed in the program Open Access and authors/copyright policy.

Funding Bodies and Universities
The current QOAM program as well as future OPuS programs support universities and funding bodies with two essential aspects of Open Access publishing. Firstly, by helping them to calculate the costs associated with publication, since this has become an increasingly important part of funding applications. Secondly, by helping them to meet the more stringent conditions of the Open Access mandates that are currently being implemented in various countries, including the Netherlands and the UK.

Scientific Publishers
The scientific publishing world is rapidly switching to Open Access. There are also various highly promising start-ups. All publishers can benefit from an open dialogue with the scientific community to develop new publishing models. For this, OPuS can provide a platform.

Finally OPuS will help scientists to find high-quality Open Access channels to publish their findings for a reasonable price and without administrative red tape.

Why join?
OPuS is a vision-driven network dedicated to promoting Open Access publishing as an essential service to both the academic community and society at large. In order to establish the optimal conditions for a sustainable transition to Open Access publishing, we try out various models and approaches in a laboratory setting.
Bringing together the stakeholders who are willing to test the waters, OPuS adopts and fosters programs in the field of Open Access to achieve its goals. Our approach yields valuable information on the market- and business-side of publishing. Instead of having to go through a lengthy trial-and-error process, we provide parties venturing into Open Access publishing with the tools and expertise for a smooth transition.

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