Copyright policy: Taverne amendement
The Taverne amendment entered into force on 1 July 2015. Academic articles for which the research was fully or partially funded by the government may be placed in open access by the author after a reasonable time period. However, a “reasonable time period” has to be defined.
When submitting an article to a journal, authors often automatically transfer many rights to a publisher, making it more difficult to publish an article in open access by the green route at a later stage. To tackle this problem, OPuS carried out a pilot in which a number of prominent academics were asked to add the copyright addendum to the publisher’s contract. Additionally, legal advice on the interpretation of the Taverne amendment was formulated. This initial work resulted in a national project ‘You share, we take care’ that started in 2019.
Testing an addendum that may be added to a contract/agreement with a publisher by academic researchers, allowing articles to be made available for open access publication in institutional repositories within a reasonable time period.
Initiating the implementation by Dutch institutions of the Taverne Amendment in practice.

Results and follow up: