New Open Access journals for Applied Science
OPuS has also set itself the objective of making journals for applied research available in open access for universities of applied sciences. In September 2014, the board members of Windesheim, HAN and HKU decided to join OPuS and in addition decided to set up a new applied science journal for their own institution. Furthermore, the editing staff of an existing journal created in applied sciences education at an earlier stage indicated their willingness to participate in these plans in the longer term.


Making journals available through open access for applied research.

Work method:  

The exact work method varies for each journal. A steering committee for applied research journals (Stuurgroep Tijdschriften Toegepast Onderzoek) will be created. An editing team will be formed for each journal, after which its members will begin searching for authors. To guarantee sufficient time for the development and correct positioning of a new journal, a minimum of three years will be required (more likely five). The goal is for the three new journals to publish their first edition/articles in the first half of 2016. Furthermore, an umbrella website, Journals of Applied Science, will be set up. By means of presentations other universities of applied sciences can be informed of the project and thus serve as a model for new potential journals or existing journals who wish to make the transition.


Under the auspices of the Steering committee, the three journals have been launched and have been publishing their first articles:

The universities cover the article processing charges (APC’s) for their three journals. The steering committee evaluated the project at the end of 2017, and closed the project after evaluation. With the journals succesfully launched, they are now free to continue publishing.