Because of the success of LingOA, the question arose whether the same model can also be used in other disciplines within the Humanities. Discussions have shown that various editors in the fields of Psychology, Archaeology and Architecture are interested in this project. The next step is to search for supplementary funding sources (EC) and if possible forge partnerships with other libraries, journal editors, administrators and publishers.


‘Flipping’ Dutch journals in the Humanities to an open access publisher in accordance with the LingOA model and in collaboration with the Open Library of Humanities (OLH).

Work method:     

Mapping out and offering recommendations on the way in which a transition to OA could take place. Helping to draw up prognoses and business models. Helping to procure funding (which might be easier if the journals bundle the transition, which would call for a coordinated effort). “Matchmaking” between journals and OA publishers. Supporting negotiations (whether or not collective). Giving lectures and workshops to inform editors about the possibilities.


An overview was made of which editors and institutes were prepared to participate in this project. A project plan was then drawn up and an agreement made with OLH. The project ended in early 2018, when a final call for funding was unsuccessful.