Open access and author/copyright policy
Many academics still transfer the copyright to their publications fully and exclusively to their publisher. They are so thrilled when a prestigious journal accepts their submission, that they do not care all that much about the conditions, which are stipulated in the small print of incomprehensible contracts. This situation leaves very little room for an individual scientist to negotiate.

Because of Open Access, we are currently witnessing a cultural shift in scientific publishing. Suddenly, there is room to ensure that the copyright remains with the person who has actually carried out the research.

OPuS is investigating how to find a provisional, centralized solution in the Netherlands for this undesirable transfer of copyright. The Office for Scholarly Communication at Harvard University and the University of California have already set an excellent example for this. A pilot version of the project is taking place at the Library of the Radboud University and at the University of Applied Science Windesheim, supported by the Law Faculties of Leiden and Amsterdam.